22 Things I learned before 22

I turned 22 on the 29th of October and I feel like I’ve learned a lot, especially in the last 2 years. So, I’ve compiled a list of 22 significant things I’ve before my birthday. I had the privilege of giving an early reading of this post at the iLoveMe Campaign at the Memorial University Breezeway this weekend. This campaign promotes self love, self care, everything to do with self awareness and how to take care of yourself. I spoke alongside of very talented performers and artists, all of us coming together to be thankful for ourselves. I will be posting the video of my reading on my blogs Facebook page, so head over there once you’re done reading if you’d like to watch that!

  1. House furnishings are expensive
  2. …. and so are groceries
    I recently moved out! And I’ve always been so excited to decorate the way I’ve wanted and buy all the food I wanted but I realized very quickly things cost money.. more money than what I thought.
  3. Having a dog is a lot of work but very worth it
    If you follow me on social media you’ll know that me and Ian got our special puppy Razor a couple of months back. He is very time consuming but he has so much love and energy to give and we are so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing doggo, even if he is a lot of work.
  4.  Saying goodbye to your best friend at the vet is the worst heartbreak
    My family had to send our dog Bella over the rainbow bridge last month and we all went to say goodbye. It broke my heart into a million pieces but I wouldn’t have changed anything, she needed us there.
  5. I like sushi???
    Well specifically crab and veggie sushi but I can finally take part in all you can sushi dates!!
  6. Making new friends is easier than what I thought
    I’ve always been quiet and to myself, and assumed no one really wanted to be my friend anyway. But as I got older I realized that people actually liked having me around, and I’m able to make new friends; even though it’s still scary as f
  7. How to use an instant pot
    I’ve been trying to learn how to cook since I moved out, granted I don’t use it that much and I don’t really enjoy cooking but I’ve been trying and the instant pot makes my life so incredibly easy.
  8. Boys are messy to live with
    If you ask Ian he will say I’m the messy one but he is just as messy, even though he will definitely deny it.
  9. People actually use the dry cleaners
    I ruined a $200 comforter by putting it in the washer and dryer because I didn’t know the dry cleaners was an actually thing people used.
  10. It’s hard maintaining a hobby
    Life is much. It’s always go, go, go and when you’re not going it’s hard to set aside time to do the things you enjoy. I would rather sit in front of the TV and watch Netflix than read or bullet journal. It’s something I’m not very proud of and it’s a routine I’m going to try and correct.
  11. I am capable of forgiveness
    I am capable of forgiving others and not holding a grudge, I’m also capable of forgiving myself for all the stress and negativity I’ve put myself through when I wasn’t in a good place.
  12. How to share food (kinda)
    I’m still not great at it, I think it’s an older sibling thing. The only person I’ll (somewhat) willingly share food with is Ian
  13. Everything isn’t as perfect as it seems on social media
    I’m guilty of wanting a perfect Instagram feed and getting likes and people to comment on my pictures. It’s the time that we live in. But people only share what they want people to see online, nothing is that perfect
  14. Taylor Swift has a song for EVERY situation
    She is a lyrical genius, don’t fight me
  15. Everyone moves at their own pace, we’re not all on a conveyer belt
    I’m working towards a 4 year degree, I’m into my third year now, and I might not be done in 4 years. I’m trying to be okay with that, and just because I’m not moving at the same pace as other people doesn’t mean I have to put myself down.
  16. Never settle for anything less than what I deserve.
    I’ve settled in friendships and relationships because I didn’t realize my own worth. I am finally understanding that I am worth so much and I have people in my life now that recognize that as well.
  17. What unconditional love is
    I’m not going to get mushy but yeah I think that one speaks for itself
  18. My physical and mental health is worth being taken care of
    I’m worth time and energy, I deserve to take care of myself.
  19. I am worth more than what I believe I am
    I need to keep telling myself this over and over again. Depression and anxiety has depleted my self worth, I didn’t value myself. I’m still learning how, and it’s been a long road but I’m slowly getting there
  20. Not everyone is going to be your best friend
    Not everyone is going to like you, you’re not going to like everyone. You’re going to have best friends and they might leave, you might fall out. Not everyone is going to be in your life forever.
  21. Don’t trust everyone
    Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Don’t share all your thoughts with everyone.
  22. Love with your whole heart and live with your mind wide open
    Accept people for who they are, love people for who they are, don’t let the little things get you all worked up.

So here are 22 things I’ve learned before 22. I think a lot of them are relatable, especially at this age, we’re starting to become more self aware, learning more of who we are.

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