Big goals and Small Accomplishments

We’re all very focused on the “bigger picture”. It’s the larger goals we need to accomplish in life to be happy. Things like getting your degree or diploma, buying a car, buying a house, finding “the one”, being financially independent, etc. We focus so much on these big goals that the small things we accomplish throughout the run of a day become obsolete. We don’t give ourselves recognition for completing day to day tasks because within the “bigger picture” they don’t really matter. Being driven and focused on your goals is amazing and everyone should aim high and dream big, but some days you’re going to wake up and think about all these long term goals and the long winding road ahead before you’re going to reach them. You’ll feel like your gas tank is on empty, you’ve got a flat tire and know that the smoke coming from under the hood isn’t normal. These are the days you’ll want to take a breath and look at your little frame, the things you’re accomplishing throughout the day that you should be proud of yourself for. Today I made a list of the things I should be proud of for accomplishing, keep in mind no task is too small to be proud of yourself for completing.

  1. I got out of bed before 12:00 p.m. – on days I don’t have work I find it very hard to find the motivation to get up and on the go.
  2. I did the dishes – I half did them out of spite because my mom said my kitchen was dirty but I knew there was only a few dishes there to do so I did them to prove a point BUT I still did them (love you mom)
  3. I went to lunch with a friend even though I wanted to stay in bed – I love hanging out with my friends but sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed. I’m was so happy that I had gone out because I got to spend time with my pal.
  4. I went to the gym – I have been loving every minute of going to the gym but the last few days I haven’t had very much motivation to go, but today I did and it felt great to get back into the groove.
  5. I did half of my workout in the co-ed section – since I’ve started going to the gym I’ve been too nervous to do anything but cardio in the co-ed section. Today I did some weights and my cardio in the co-ed section and even though I was a little anxious I was proud of myself for doing so.
  6. I went to class – Since midterm break I’ve had to kick myself everyday to go to class (or I haven’t gone at all). I willingly went today to scope out other people’s presentations before I do mine next week.
  7. I paid some bills – nothing like paying bills to make you feel like an accomplished adult
  8. I took some time to study – finals are coming up and so are term papers so instead of procrastinating I started early so I’ll be able to breathe easier towards the end of the month

Keep focusing on your long-term goals but don’t forget to celebrate what you do throughout the course of the day! Make yourself proud and keep doing you!

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