Ways to Treat Yourself over the Holidays – Blogmas Day 8

While Christmas is the time of giving it’s also the best time of year to treat yourself. We don’t always think to spend money on ourselves over the holidays but this time of year can be super stressful and pampering ourselves can be the best way to ease that stress. Blogmas day 8 is all about treating yourself in preparation for Christmas!


  • Get your hair done – get it cut, or freshly dyed or even just a wash and blowout. Sitting in the salon chair is such a relaxing experience.
  • Get your nails done – do them yourself, get a mani/pedi or get them done by a nail tech. Holiday nails are the best way to bring together a holiday outfit.
  • Get a hot shave/hot wax – getting a hot shave is pampering yourself to a guys’ standards and getting waxed hurts like hell but you feel silky smooth after so it’s super worth it
  • Get a new holiday outfit – for Christmas eve or Christmas day, even a staff holiday party, a new outfit is a way to make you feel fancy and fresh
  • Have a spa night – pick up some sheet masks, eye masks, mud masks, hair masks, hand and feet masks all the masks!!! Put them on, turn a movie, have a glass of wine or a hot chocolate and just relax. Masks make everything better
  • Go to bed early and sleep in – it might now seem minor but being able to rest in bed is one of the best ways to de-stress


The holidays can be intense but taking the time to make yourself feel good and relaxed makes it all feel a little less stressful. I hope you follow these ideas if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed this holiday season! Sorry for the short post but I have some fun blog ideas planned for the next few days of blogmas!

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