How to Spark some Christmas Spirit – Blogmas Day 7

As we grow up the child-like excitement we once had looking forward to Christmas slowly dissipates until we try to remember what it was like to have that giddy anticipation for Christmas day. Christmas spirit is something we always try to grasp onto but then work comes into play and day to day adult responsibilities and we find ourselves just not having the time to celebrate the holidays until we realize they’re behind us. So for Blogmas day 7 I’m going to share with you guys some ways to find your Christmas spirit.

  • Start a Christmas countdown – it’ll remind you of the excitement you used to have as a kid leading up to Christmas
  • Write your own wishlist and request one from people you’re shopping for – Christmas isn’t all about the gifts but it is a big part of it. Requesting a wishlist and writing one yourself is kind of like how you’d write one to Santa as a kid and receiving them will help you pick out gifts for your loved ones!
  • Start your Christmas shopping early – if you get it done early you’ll have more time to enjoy Christmas festivities and if you’re anything like me setting aside 1-2 nights to do your wrapping will help amp up your Christmas spirit
  • Have a Christmas movie night – by yourself or with friends, doesn’t matter. Planning a movie night will allow you to watch all your favourite holiday movies both new and old
  • Bake some Christmas cookies – not only are they super yummy they’re a nice addition to gifts. A homemade gesture to show you put effort into your presents
  • Send out Christmas cards – writing and sending off holiday cards is a fantastic way to be Christmassy but also feel grown up
  • If you’re into make up wear a festive red lip – honestly since December hit I’ve been rocking my red lip and it makes me feel very put together and festive even on minimal make up days
  • Plan a holiday party – with your coworkers, your friends, your family, anybody. The holidays are about spending time with the people that you love so throw a little get together, play some festive games, have a couple of Christmassy beverages and have fun in each others company
  • Do the things you used to enjoy when you were a kid – build a gingerbread house, go out and play in the snow, get an advent calendar with chocolates! Whatever Christmas things or traditions you used to do as a kid!
  • Do as much as you can within your community – go to your Santa Claus parade, go to a Christmas tree lighting, go ice skating at an outdoor rink, volunteer at a local shelter or food drive, donate to the Happy Tree, make a presence within your community
  • Make sure you decorate!!! – inside, outside, top to bottom go ALL OUT! There’s only one time of year to put up Christmas decorations so make the most of it.

I hope I’ve inspired some ways to get you into the Christmas spirit! Adulting can be hard but it doesn’t mean we have to lose touch with the joy that the holiday’s bring. Make sure you check out yesterdays post to find out about my giveaway!! Stay tuned for tomorrows blogmas post!

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