Gift Guide to Local Businesses + Giveaway! -Blogmas Day 6

It’s sometimes hard to know what to buy the people people that you love for Christmas. But the bright side to that dilemma is that we have so many options for gifts made and distributed by local businesses! So for blogmas day 6 I’m going to give you some options as to what you can buy your loved ones from some awesome local businesses located in and around St. John’s. Also read to the bottom of this post for a very exciting announcement!

Bath products:

There are lots of options for local bath products but two of my favourite companies are East Coast Glow and Rainy Days Bath co.! From East Coast I picked up their coconut milk and lime sea salt bath bomb and from Rainy Days I picked up a spearmint bath bomb and a candy cane bubble bar! I love how these products smell and they leave my skin feeling soft and smooth after a bath. It’s the perfect way to spend a relaxing night in pampering yourself!

IMG_4803 IMG_4802


From Saltwater Design I picked up their crooked as sin mug which I got from Unicornio Studio! Also a couple of weeks ago I picked up their streel toque as for my uncle which he loved. The sayings on their merchandise are very popular and makes them a crowd pleaser for sure!



For apparel I’m actually re-gifting a downtown shirt from Figgy Duff Dory that I know will be much loved by someone else! I love all of their merchandise but unfortunately the t-shirt just doesn’t fit me properly! It hasn’t been worn so that will be re-gifted for sure!


Gift Cards:

I know not many people like giving gift cards but I actually love them. Being able to give people money for their favourite stores so that they can up something they’ll definitely like is so much better than purchasing something from that store that you’re unsure if they’ll like or not. Does that make sense? Anyway, I have an Ethereal Boutique gift valued at $50, a gift card for a makeover valued at $70 done by one of my best friends Jennifer Nicole Makeup Artistry, a $25 gift card from Unicornio Studio and a voucher for a 60-minute photoshoot by Andie Cojulun Photography with 30-40 edited images! I love all of these boutiques and people so much, they are very talented boss babes!


So here’s a gift guide to some awesome local businesses and my announcement is that you can actually enter to WIN all the products and gift cards mentioned in this post! It’s open to anyone who is able to pick up the winnings in St. John’s, NL, I will not be shipping them!

To recap if you enter you have the chance to win:

– East Coast Glow coconut and lime bath bomb

– Rainy Days Bath co. candy cane bubble bar and a spearmint bath bomb

– Saltwater Design crooked as sin mug

– Figgy Duff Dory Downtown t-shirt (which I don’t think is available on their website anymore)

– A $50 giftcard for Ethereal Boutique

– A $25 giftcard for Unicornio Studio

– A makeover valued at $70 done by Jennifer Nicole Artistry

– A 60-minute photoshoot with Andie Cojulun Photography with 30-40 edited pictures

In order to win you must:

– follow myself @_hayleerosee and @jennifernicolemua on Instagram

– follow haylstorme’s page on Facebook

– Share my post for this giveaway on Instagram on your story and/or share it on Facebook (must be shared at least once)

– tag one friend in the comments of the posts made and your favourite blog post I’ve put up

The contest will be open until December 23rd 2018!

I hope you enter and I’ll be posting again for blogmas day 7!



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