Holiday Girls Night – Blogmas Day 4

Yesterday I had a little bit of a rough day and one of my angel best friends recognized that and suggested we have an impromptu Christmas girls’ night. It was so much fun and it was a really great pick me up. So, I thought it’d be cool for blogmas day 4 to share with you guys our ideas for a last minute holiday themed girls’ night!


To start off we headed to La Vie en Rose to grab some cute Christmas pajamas and then to Bath and Body Works where we ended up buying some candles (which were on sale obviously) and some matching aloe infused socks to complete our matching look. We then stopped into Bulk Barn to pick up some candy canes, vegan hot chocolate powder and some vegan chocolate santa’s (sidenote: I’m not vegan but my pal is so to make the night enjoyable for the both of us we got everything vegan and honestly it was 10/10 super great). Then we ordered some food from a local plant-based, vegan restaurant, Green Kitchen. We got nachos with “pulled-pork” jackfruit and mac ‘n’ “choose”, it was my first time trying their food and having a fully vegan meal and it was delicious! We also had vegan red velvet cupcakes which were amazing.


We filled our tummies with food then made our hot chocolates with some sweet furry friends who obviously had to be apart of everything we were doing. For the hot chocolate we used Castle Kitchen dairy and gluten free powder hot chocolate in double chocolate and dark chocolate mint.


We then snuggled up with all the fur babies on the couch and turned on one of those hallmark Christmas movies on the W Network. If you’re looking for movies to watch over the next few weeks check out yesterdays blogmas post for all the holiday movies you should be watching, I’ll link it right here!


The girls’ night was our last minute way of celebrating the holidays and we had so much fun! I would definitely recommend having a low-key night in with your pals to celebrate this holiday season!


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