Christmas Movies You should Watch this Holiday Season – Blogmas day 3

I continuously watch Christmas movies from December 1st until December 31st, they just give me that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling which is the best feeling in the world. There’s nothing better than sitting down and watching a holiday movie, having the fireplace on with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and a big bowl of popcorn. Also, holiday movies are the best way to spend a Christmas themed girl’s night in (a suggestion from my blogmas day 2 post about gift giving on a budget you can find here)! So, for blogmas day 3 I thought I’d share some movies that are an absolute must watch over the holiday season!

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas — a classic (and obviously I mean the one with Jim Carey) I love hearing Cindy Lou Who sing Where are you Christmas?
  2. Elf — again, another classic. This is probably the only Will Ferrell movie I actually enjoy (sorry not sorry about it)
  3. Annabelle’s Wish — a wholesome cartoon movie about a baby calf who just wants to fly. I watched this all the time growing up
  4. The Holiday — A cute romcom with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, you don’t get much better than that (another unpopular opinion, I like this movie more than Love Actually)
  5. Scrooged — Bill Murray, a modern take on Charles Dickens’ book A Christmas Carol, 10/10
  6. A Christmas Carol — A cartoon version, and a more classic telling of the story of Ebenezer Scrooge that warms the heart
  7. All The Santa Clause movies — Tim Allen, the involuntary manslaughter of Santa Claus and learning to have some Christmas spirit, everything you’d ever need in a Christmas movie
  8. Home Alone 1&2 (the ones with Macaulay Culkin) — since seeing these I have wanted nothing else but to booby-trap my house like Kevin McCallister (you don’t need to watch the newer ones they’re not as good)
  9. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone — okay not really a Christmas movie but Harry Potter (especially the first one if you don’t want to watch all of them) puts me in the Christmas spirit and I don’t know why
  10. Arthur Christmas — the story about the son of Santa who cares about Christmas SO MUCH but is undermined because he’s a little spacey and clumsy. A GREAT movie!

So here are 10 movies that should keep you occupied until Christmas and if not Netflix has released a BUNCH of mediocre Hallmark Christmas movies! Merry Christmas movie watching and I’ll be back with another post tomorrow!

Missed Blogmas Day 2? Not a worry click here to read about Gift Giving on A Budget!

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