Gift Giving On A Budget – Blogmas Day 2!

Happy Blogmas Day 2!!! Sorry for the late post today but I had my last exam of the 2018 fall semester meaning I will be able to focus on my blog posts and put them up a earlier in the day!

For my post today I thought I would write about something that’s extremely relevant to my fellow students/part-time workers — gift giving on a budget. It’s not something that everyone likes to hear or to accept especially around Christmas time because even though the holidays are for spending time with the people that you love, sometimes we feel obligated to splurge a little more on gifts show our appreciation for everything they do. But showing appreciation doesn’t have to come in the form of large extravagant gifts. Small meaningful things mean just as much, if not more, then buying expensive items that will be forgotten in 2 months’ time.

I’m going to talk through some alternatives you can consider when thinking about what to buy or how to buy your gifts this holiday season. Budgeting isn’t something to be embarrassed about, and it’s something that a lot of people choose to do. It doesn’t mean your cheap, it just means that instead of dealing with the stress of paying loads of money for gifts you have to buy, it’s better to limit your spending for each person you’re buy for. Like I said before it the thought that matters not numbers on the price tag.

Another struggle is the worry that the person giving you your gift will be spending more  than you do one theirs. Understanding that everyone has different spending limits and habits and that they might make more money than you do is the best place to start. Your friends might work full-time and be graduated school and have a little more money to spend, while you’re still in school, or still paying for school. Your friends should be understanding of this, but if you’re still stressed out about it, be open with them. Let them know that your gifts may not be a big as their or you may not be able to give them as many, and they should be understanding of it. If that’s not a conversation you’re comfortable having try suggesting an alternative, if there is a large group of you suggest a secret Santa or gift swap game. If there’s just two of you exchanging, suggest celebrating Christmas with a girls’ night in with Christmas movies and snacks to celebrate the holidays. You don’t always have to exchange gifts to celebrate Christmas with your friends.

You also don’t have to feel obligated to give everyone a store bought gift. If you have a lot of people to buy for try making them holiday cookies with a card, or make some homemade Christmas tree ornaments, if you have a crafty talent that you enjoy doing like cross-stitching, drawing, painting, etc., make some of the those and give them as gifts. They’re more personal than anything you buy from a store and are keepsakes more than gifts.

Here are just a few ways to make budgeting during the holidays a little easier and stress free! I hope you find some gift giving inspiration and have enjoyed blogmas day 2! Check in for another post tomorrow!

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