What you Should Know Before: Booking with a Freelance Photographer

One of the best feelings there are is genuinely loving a photo of yourself, and when looking for a photographer you want someone who can give you as many pictures of yourself that you absolutely love. There are so many photographers out there, both amateur and professional, that can give you what you’re looking for but who/what is best for you?

I had my own photoshoot done with local amateur photographer, Andy Cojulun, and she answered a few frequently asked questions about photographers and photoshoots!

How much should I be paying for a session?

The cost of sessions really depends on the photographer, what type of shoot you are requesting and for how long.
If it is portraits it is usually $50 to $150 but again this is subject to change.
For example I have a special on since I am just starting out.


Do I pick my own location for the shoot?

Yes, but the photographer can give you an idea on what locations work best for your shoots concept but it is your choice.

Is there anything I should bring along with me?

Again this depends on what type of shoot you are getting. For example, if you are doing an hour long session most times outfit changes are available. On the other hand half hour shoots can be restricted to one outfit and one location.


How long does the shoot usually last?

It depends on what type of shoot you and your photographer decide. For example, I offer full sessions which last between 60-80 minutes and mini sessions that last around 30 to 40 minutes. For weddings it’s usually 6-8 hours of shooting.

There are so many photographers out there, how can I pick one I can trust will give me the service I am looking for (qualifications, experience)?

What I would suggest doing is looking at their portfolio, compare the images and the quality with how much you are paying. Experience might not mean they are better, just that they are more comfortable in a certain area of photography.


What if I’m unhappy with how the pictures turned out?

Just contact your photographer and let them know those pictures are not what you expected and ask what can be done.  If that happened to me I would offer them a free sit down session to talk about what went wrong and a re-shoot for half the price.

I want to get pictures taken but I have no idea what I want done, can my photographer pick for me?

Yes, photographers should have poses and locations in mind, as well as outfits to help guide a client when they are going to a sessions.


How many pictures can I expect back?

This depends on how long your session was and how many pictures you agreed upon.

What’s your best advice for someone who’s camera shy when getting pictures taken of them?

Try not to pose, be yourself, pretend you’re with friends and relax. The best pictures are often those that capture the candid moments.


I had a great experience with Andy at our shoot, she gave great direction for poses and she encouraged me throughout the whole shoot! I would definitely recommend her for your next photoshoot! You can message her here on Instagram as well as check out photos from previous shoots.

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