October Bullet Journal Layout

I’m very excited to be putting up a new bullet journal set up post! Since the one I put up in March I have changed my style a fair amount and I went a little over board with October themed page decorations but I am in LOVE with the spread for the upcoming month. I did put up a poll on Instagram before posting this asking if you guys would prefer to see this layout posted through a blog post or through an insta story and it was a 50/50 split. So, what I’m gonna do is post the finer details like page décor and doodles on my insta story which I will link for you here ( or just @_hayleerosee) and the basic structure (monthly, and weekly spread, reading schedule layout etc.) right here for you guys now.



-Art markers purchased from Winners (colouring in décor)

-Papermate Flair pens (finer colour details)

-Stabilo point 88 fine 0.4 pen (outlining boxes for weekly layouts, writing longer fonts and detailing)

-Pilot BP-S Fine point pen (finer details, writing out schedules)

– Shine Bright Productivity Journal by Chronicle Books purchased locally at Posie Row

Cover Page


To start this spooky month, I thought I’d go all out with the generic fall theme. Written out in plain font is October but with a little flair of making the t into an inverted cross. As a frame around the month I used some autumn leaves in orange, yellow and red as well as two little pumpkins on either side. Then to add a little more spook I drew in some tiny hanging ghosts, bats and spiders. Are you getting a feel for the months’ theme? We’re all about autumn and Halloween over here.

Monthly Spread


My monthly spread has definitely simplified as I don’t find myself going to use it as often as my weekly logs. I simply put numbers 1-31 along the side of the page then wrote in dates in the month that don’t change such as holidays and birthdays. I then decorated the page with cute little pumpkins on the bottom right corner.

Reading Schedule


This is something new I’ve added in this month to try and keep better track of my readings for uni. I listed out my weeks Monday-Friday and the expected reading to have completed for each class as well as the dates there are no required readings. Very simple but I can already tell it’s going to be beneficial for me.



I made the boxes for my schedule a bit smaller because I like seeing my Monday-Friday week on the same page, I also don’t have enough going on in my life for bigger boxes. In my weekly layout I usually put in times of each of my classes, due dates, times I’m scheduled at work and then I usually double up on the permanent dates and put those there as well because I am a scatter brain. I usually have a fair amount of space left over after the two boxes I put on the right page for my weekends so here you can see I made a little ‘brain dump’ section for my notes and then a section labelled haylstorme for my blog ideas. On the other spaces I put in either quotes or little doodles!


That’s essentially everything for my October bullet journal! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about it and have gathered some inspiration for your own bullet journals. Like I said you can pop over to my Instagram which I will link again right HERE  (or just @_hayleerosee) where you can check out the other details I put into my journal!

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