Fall Semester Prep (kind of)

I’m a little (very) late to the punch, as per usual, but I thought I’d make up a quick post that is still very relevant to a large demographic of teens and young adults when the fall roles around—back to school.

I don’t know if anyone else can relate but for me September is my “New Year’s”. It’s a time when I can break my old habits from the semesters previous, stop procrastinating, actually do my assigned readings, go to class, etc. Then, like any sort of resolution, you slowly start to recede back into old habits of sleeping in and avoiding campus like the plague. For me this year I am going to try my hardest to stay absolutely focused and on top of everything best I can, so I’ve listed some materials I’m going to be using throughout the course of the semester that are going to help me be efficient and complete my assigned work.

To start I’m going to talk a little about the schools supplies I picked up. Nothing incredibly mind blowing but if you guys are anything like myself I have a bit of an obsession with pens and paper as well as other cool stationary so I thought it’d be nice to share.


A couple of semesters back I picked up an unreasonable amount of Studio notebooks from Dollarama, because hi I’m a full-time student on a budget, but surprisingly enough these notebooks are SUPER nice. The paper is thick enough that if you’re using felt tip pens or fine tip markers to write your notes, the ink won’t bleed through and it just feels nice; I’m a bit of a paper snob don’t judge me. I also made them a little more personal by using washi tape, which I purchased from Michael’s at some crazy cheap price of like 5 rolls for $5, to label each notebook with the course and course number.


When I went to pick up my books at the MUN bookstore I also went to the aisle where they keep the little cups of different kinds of pens and literally just bought whatever ones looked nice. I am also a pen snob, I am very picky about what I write with, there is not way to write that that doesn’t make me sound like a brat but anyway. The ones I bought (first listed the cluster of 4 in order from left to right) were the, Pilot Fineliner, Pilot BP-S Fine, Stabilo point 88 fine 0,4, and the Pilot V Razor point extra fine tip. The other 2 are my old faithful’s, the Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 RT in black and blue, are you sensing a pen theme yet? I also have the Staedler Lumocolor non-permanent fine 0.4mm markers but they’re mostly for bullet journaling.

SPEAKING OF BULLET JOURNALING!! I also started this new super cute one, I purchased it at Posie Row it’s by a company called Chronicle Books and it’s the Shine Bright Productivity Journal. Same idea as the Leuchtturms1917 journals, dot grid paper, nice index at the front, numbered pages but this one comes with stickers(!!!!!!). If you’d like me to go more in depth with my bullet journaling let me know and maybe, I’ll do a bullet journal set up for October! Until then you can definitely check out my March bullet journal layout here.

I also have this little separate notebook with a hedgehog on it for my more creative thoughts and cactus pencil case.


A few resources I thought were worth mentioning were some apps I started using this semester. The first one is called Guide, it syncs to your D2L account and based on what your profs have posted it will set reminders for class times and when assignments are due, you’re also able to make reminders and to-do lists for yourself. Another feature I found helpful was being able to book meetings and appointments with advisors (academic and career) as well as tutors. An academic advising meeting is beneficial to have at least once a year to help make sure you’re on track and also just answer any questions on things you may be unsure of.

IMG_3922.JPG                IMG_3924.PNG

The second app is called Pulse and this is basically just an app version of your D2L where you can get notifications when your prof posts announcements or notes and you can access the files without being on your laptop. The MUN mobile app is nice to have too, you can see the university diary, exam schedule and your grades when they’re posted.

(here’s a link for all the apps listed above)

Take advantage of the resources you’re provided with, there’s always someone able to answer the questions you have to ask even if you think they’re stupid. Join your faculties societies and make some friends so you can rely a bit on each other and be each others source of information, also make at least one buddy in your class so you can get notes from them and vice Versa if you do end up missing class. Stay organized, keep an agenda or a bullet journal or even keep reminders in your phone, keep up to date on your notes and readings, it will benefit you when exam time rolls around or when assignments start piling up. If you take things on one at a time and don’t overload yourself with things to do, the semester will go by easier, probably not without some difficulty, but it will be easier.

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