What you Should know Before you: Get a Spray Tan

Do you want a golden glow without having to cook in the sun or expose your skin to harmful UV rays? Do you want to look sun kissed without the messy and lengthy process of self tanner? Well I have the PERFECT solution for you!!

A few weeks ago I teamed up with Keelin of Stay Golden Spray Tan, I got a gorgeous golden glow and she answered some frequently asked questions about the spray tan process and what to expect.

I had an amazing experience with Keelin, she made me feel super comfortable and was very chill and easy to talk to. I would 100% recommend her for your next, or first, spray tan, I know I’ll be returning!


How far in advance should I book my appointment?

At least 2 days before you want your tan done but as far in advance as possible

Should I do a trial before booking for an event?

Yes, I always recommended people doing that for a special event to make sure the colour is what they want

Will my tan build with each session or do i start from scratch every time?

No, you start from scratch every time.

Am I able to remove my tan?

Yes, use a dove bar of soap or any oil free exfoliate.

What should I do the night before my appointment?

Make sure to shave and also exfoliate to get rid of any dirt and dead skin


What should I do the day of?

Have no skincare or makeup on. Make sure to have clean skin.

What should I not do 24hrs before and 24hrs after my tanning session?

Before doesn’t really matter. Afterwards don’t sweat for at least 24 hours, and don’t shower for at least 10 hours.

What should I wear to my tanning appointment?

Wear dark clothes that are very loose. No bra or anything that is white or tight.

How long will my tan last?

All depends on how well you take care of your tan, which means not washing it off too soon.

What can I do to help my tan last longer?

Use moisturizer, tan extender, and drink lots of water.


I’m nervous about being naked/half naked in front of someone, any advice?

I try to make everyone who comes in super comfortable while getting a tan. Most people are fine with it and if not they wear a bra and underwear so it’s kinda like a swimsuit.

What should I be paying for my tan?

Around $30-$45 dollars!


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