To my Dad..

When I was a kid, at bedtime, my dad would always tell me and my brother stories. He would tell us of the things to be seen on Mulberry Street, how creativity is something to be celebrated and not suppressed, and that anything can be seen if you open your eyes to a different view.
He would tell us about the soldier who acquired the tinderbox, how things don’t come easy, that we need to work for the best things out of life, and that nothing worth working for will fall in our laps without the effort.
He would tell us of Horton and the Who’s, that it’s okay to be different and to always help those who are in need, even if they’re not deserving of our help. To be stubborn for all the right reasons and never let anyone compromise our morals and beliefs.


Our dad has always supported us, in whatever way he could and in the ways he knows how. He taught me how to draw and play guitar, he shared with us his favourite movies like Star Wars and anything Marvel, and the best memories I have are from us at the cabin sat around the campfire singing songs together.
He’s supported us when it came to the things that we loved as well, he never missed a dance recital, basketball or hockey game, and everything in between, he was always right there.
Even the stuff he didn’t really understand he always tried his best, from helping us with math, to understanding mental illness and anxiety, he never once let us down.


My dad works so hard everyday to make sure me and my brother have everything we could ever need. He works long shifts and is away from us for 2 weeks at a time and is only home with us for one, we know it’s not easy and his sacrifices don’t go unrecognized. He has missed birthdays, long weekends, guys’ trips, and family visits to help keep our family going and we are beyond grateful for all the things he has done for us.


Our dad is goofy, strong, likeable and so easy to love and he is so so missed when he’s gone. He might be 1,600km in distance but we know he’s always just a phone call away.

So I’m wishing my dad the happiest of Father’s Days today and to know how much he means to us, not just today, but everyday!

We love you lots Daddio, and we’ll see you in 2 weeks!


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