Things you Should know Before you: Book in with a Freelance Make Up Artist

I’m going to be featuring on!! I’m starting a new series, “Things you Should know Before you ____”, for everyone who is too anxious to ask questions I’m going to be booking appointments to go see professionals and get the scoop for everyone on what you can do to prep for different appointments (freelance MUA’s to lash extensions to spray tans etc.) and what to expect once you’re there and after the fact!

The first appointment I booked was with my girl @makeupbyjennrideout to glam me up and give me the what’s what on what goes down before, after and during a standard appointment with a freelance MUA. We sat down post make up (pictures below) for a little Q&A and here’s what was answered!


How far in advance should I book my appointment?

For a wedding party or a grad as soon as you know the dates, I already have people messaging me for weddings in 2020. You don’t want to wait too long and have someone already booked in for your date, it’s better to be early if you know there’s a possibility for others needing an MUA for a popular date or time of year.

For casual appointments like wedding guest, night out, party etc. at least 2 weeks in advance.

What should I tell my artist prior to my appointment?

If you have any allergies or sensitivities, if you only use specific products (vegan, cruelty free, etc.), if you have lash extensions and if there’s a specific look you’re going for, send pictures if you’re able to (though be prepared that it won’t look exactly alike, due to different eye shapes and skin tones)! Most artists will be willing to cater to your needs as long as you let them know in advance so they’re able to!


The night before my appointment I should..

Exfoliate (exfoliating your skin will lead to a smoother and more radiant makeup application), use a mask that targets your skin concerns (hydrating mask if you’re dry, mattifying if you’re oily etc.) and get a good night’s sleep, makeup can cover dark circles but not under eye puffiness!

The day of my appointment I should..

Do your full skincare routine, and if you don’t let your artist know, your makeup is only will only be as good as it’s base so make sure you’re treating your skin right, also be prepared to answer questions about your skin (is it dry, oily or combo? Do you find you have some texture? Stuff like that!). Show up on time (10 minutes early if possible), not wearing any makeup at all and if you didn’t specify a look beforehand have one in mind for when you get there so you’re artist isn’t guessing what it is you want. If there is a certain product (lip colour, glitter, etc.) you want to use bring it along with you, if you didn’t specify you wanted to use it prior to your appointment,  just in case your artist doesn’t have it!


What’s proper etiquette?

Let your artist know if you’re bringing a large party 2+ people, so they make room and extra seating. Let your artist know if you’re running late (or if you have to cancel don’t let them know 20 minutes before you’re supposed to be there) and don’t be on your phone the entire appointment, it’s hard for your artist maneuver around you texting and taking selfies while they’re trying to work.

Should I book a trial run first?

For graduations and weddings yes, make sure that the look you want suits you and is 100% what you want. Also to make sure you like your artist and they’re able to deliver the look you want.


What if I don’t like the look?

Tell your artist as soon as you see something you don’t like, they can’t fix what they don’t know is wrong. They would rather fix it than for you to tell people you’re unhappy with your look.

What should I be paying?

You’re getting what you pay for, if you’re paying $30 for a full application then your hired artist doesn’t believe the quality of their work is valued at more. Standard is usually $50 (lashes not included) and prices don’t generally vary based on looks they’re most time set prices (a natural look won’t cost less than full glam). If you’re not planning on paying cash make sure your artist accepts other forms of payment (e-transfer, mobile debit square, etc.)



Here are some things you should know before you book an appointment with a freelance makeup artist! If you have any other questions ask away in the comments and if there’s something in specific you’d like me to feature in this running series please feel free to let me know!

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