100 Days of Happiness — Highlights

Today marks the end of my 100 days of happy challenge. For the last 100 days I have been posting daily highlights of the things that brightened up my life. I have learned so much through doing this challenge — I’ve learned that even the smallest things could turn a bad day upside down, and that the simple things make such a big difference.

The last 100 days have brought changes and different opportunities that I am so happy to have experienced. My personal and professional relationships have grown, and while I have drifted from some friendships others have made such a positive impact.

Even those these 100 days are over I’m still going to try and find the positivity in every day and appreciate the little things. Each day can be a happy one if you find something positive in those 24 hours.

To mark the end of these 100 days, here are a few highlights!


This super cute illustration my friend Courtney made for me at the beginning of the 100 days.


These gorgeous roses my bae sent me for our first Valentines Day together!


An awesome night out on George Street with my works babes.


One of my first blog posts for the year A Short List of Local Businesses that are a MUST to Visit


I got my first ever tattoo done by @bespoke_poke


I was hired on at Soul Studio located at 351 Water Street



Rocked some 80’s glam for a theme day at Sephora Avalon 


My Hali bae came for a visit, go check out her Youtube channel Megan Joudrey for A+ content!


Spent so much time with my best frands and loved every minute of it!



Got this great shirt from an amazing local brand displayrules.com/


Spent lots of family time, especially with my beautiful Momma


Spent as much time as I could with my bae who I love so much


Made another blog post / bucket list for me and my pals THE ULTIMATE ST.JOHNS AND SURROUNDING AREAS SUMMER BUCKET LIST


Felt love and loved so much over the last 100 days

For anyone trying to find the happiness in everyday I would definitely recommend doing this challenge, even just for yourself and not to post anywhere — I would totally do it again.

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