Brassy Lassy Semi Precious Stone Haul

A little store with a big heart for anyone who wasn’t born typical, Brassy Lassy is the center for good vibes. Located on 538 Water Street West in downtown St. John’s, Brassy Lassy prides themselves with their variety of fine art, essential oils, incense, herbs, crystals and so much more. This store gives the opportunity to learn how we are drawn to certain stones and how they help us in different areas of our life and with the output of good intentions you will be rewarded with good intentions.

I visited Brassy Lassy this week and my experience in store was fantastic. I got some one on one help and learned so much about how my stones, and taking the time to choose which stones spoke to me the most to support me the energy I need through day to day life. Below I’ll list the 5 stones that I picked as well as the description of each one, given by Brassy Lassy, and a little bit about why they were best suited for me!



The Stone of new Beginnings. Helps to remove obstacles and bring guidance. Helps balance hormones and brings a calm when there is a lot of change. It can bring inner calm when there seems to be a lot of stress. Very helpful stone to make one feel okay to be independent or alone without feeling sadness, brings inner loves and enhances intuition.

So this stone was kind of fate for me I think. I went into the store the day of the New Moon, a day of new beginnings, so this was the first stone suggested to me. I’m not the biggest fan of change, it scares me a lot, and I easily stress when things feel different. While I am able to be independent and alone I do find a lot of sadness when the people that I’m close with are away for significant periods of time and sometimes rely on certain people for distract me from daily anxieties and worries. I felt this stone would be a good support for me and send me the energy I need to accept change and accept being alone a little bit better.



 A very calming stone. Brings a sense of peace and said to help with panic attacks. Helps one feels safe again and in control of positive thoughts.

For anyone who doesn’t know me or my history with mental health, I have symptoms of and I’m treated for anxiety and depression. I struggle daily with controlling my anxiety and negative thoughts and it’s rare to feel inner peace when everything is a whirlwind going through my mind. I was drawn to this stone first because of the calming blue colour and the sense of relaxation I felt when I held it in my hand, I could release a calming breath. This stone made me feel at ease.



Brings inner peace and calm, dispels feelings of fear and anger. Helps with connection to angels and spirit guides. Helps bring calm when dealing with emotionally graining and stressful situations because of it’s soothing vibration. Also helps with emotional healing related to the loss of loved ones.

I lost my granddad at the beginning of this year and with my other angels I felt a need to be closer to them. I am not at all religious but I do believe in spirits and that those who have passed away are still around us and help us in day to day life. With this stone holding it makes me reflect on those who I loved who have passed away and I take a moment just to acknowledge those feelings of loss.

Rose Quartz


The most important stone for the heart, teaching the true meaning of love: unconditional and non-judgemental. It helps open the heart, bringing deeper inner healing and self-love. This attracts new loves of all kinds- romantic to angelic and brings harmony to existing relationships.

I struggle a lot on the inside with self-love. I don’t really talk about it all that much because it’s something I like to preach to others, I know what it’s like to struggle with loving yourself and I don’t want others to feel that. I was drawn most to the stones that had imperfections and looked different than the rest — a little how I view myself. I always find this stone in my hand, I feel its strength the most. I have all sorts of love around me and I hope the energy from the Rose Quartz only helps strengthen them.



This stone is known to amplify and recharge other stones. It can also be used to cleanse any space or objects used. It brings calm and is said to help with communication with Angels or loved ones who have passed.

I have a lot of nightmares and I struggle a lot with sleep so I got this stone to put in my room and help cleanse the space around me of negative energy. I put my stones next to this one at night to ‘recharge’ them. I also got a bundle of white sage to smudge my space and combat any negativity in places where I am supposed to feel calm and serenity.


I know not everyone believes in this or it’s not really their thing and that’s totally okay but don’t put anyone down who does believe and feels better with their stones. Practice non judgement and the output of good vibes and intentions.

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