My Favourite Local Instagram Accounts

Instagram, in my opinion, has become a main platform of social media. Through the posting of pictures, we can easily keep up with our friends, favourite businesses, celebrities, influencers etc. Everyone who posts on Instagram has their own unique posting theme and aesthetic. Whether you’re interested in style, books, DIY videos, make up tutorials, editorial pieces, the list really goes on, you can always find someone to follow who caters to your personal interest.
What’s really awesome is that you can follow super cool and influential people, who can actually turn and be your friends outside of social media. I have so many friends and know of individuals in my community who are exceptional influences in social, I don’t even think they realize how great their content is. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite local Instagram accounts that I would HIGHLY recommend you follow to brighten up your feed!

IMG_0851 2

Diana Flemming – @dianaflemmingnl

I started following Diana back in February after seeing her post of her in her Figgyduff Dory ‘Downtown’ t-shirt at Piatto Pizzeria and Enoteca and quickly fell in love with her editorial photography style. Diana focuses on great quality photography, with her aesthetic focus in editorial fashion, she isn’t afraid to play with lighting and dimensions or perspectives. Diana loves when a photo tells a story which is why she started her “three photo series” project this year. Her down to earth posting style definitely makes following her a must!


Jessica Fredericka – @bespoke_poke

I’ve gotten to experience Jessica’s incredible talent first hand, she did my very first tattoos and since then I’ve been planning what other pieces I could get done by this amazing artist! Jessica is a local hand poke tattoo artist based out of her studio in downtown St. John’s. Jessica started tattooing as a hobby but her passion quickly grew, until she knew it was what she was meant to pursue. Jessica enjoys the intimate relationship that comes with each tattooing experience and getting to know her clients personally. Not only has hand poke tattooing offered a therapeutic element to Jessica’s life but it’s also brought her closer to her heritage by allowing to adorn others with traditional tattoos. If you’re interested in exploring hand poke tattooing I would definitely get in contact with this gem!


Megan Elliott – @itswoomeg

The Instagram of local youtuber and blogger Megan Elliott perfectly shows her love for fashion and photography. With even just a glimpse into her life through social media you will definitely wish this gorgeous gal was one of your best friends! Megans insta showcases her uniqueness and expresses the positive vibes she puts out into the world daily. With posts from photo shoots based all around St. John’s and encompassing areas, from her adventures and just pictures of daily life, you’ll for sure want Megans “goals” worthy posts on your feed!


ITK St. John’s – @intheknowsj

In The Know St. John’s is a local Instagram all about events happening around the city. From gigs downtown, to trivia nights, flea markets and so many other things happening, In the Know helps put the FUN in (fun)ctions. The inspiration for ITK came from 2 places: 1) the creators were sick and tired of hearing of super fun and exciting events AFTER the events had already taken place and 2) they were tired of hearing people complain about how there was nothing to do in the city. By putting together ITK they eliminated both these problems by giving locals and come from aways the opportunity to take part in all the fun! Be sure to also check out their website to check out more events happening daily all the way up until September!


Janalynn Petten – @janapea

Creator of local brand Figgyduff Dory and the other half of local sweet treats distributers Best Kind Bakeshoppe, Janalynn is definitely a badass boss babe! After starting her brand by printing Newfoundland slang on thrifted clothing, Jana has created iconic t-shirts with phrases like “avoiding you like potholes” and “fries before bys”, each one easily recognizable to anyone familiar with her brand. Jana finds her inspiration through fashion and thrifting, as well as all things Newfoundland! On her insta you’ll be sure to catch her theme of coordinating her outfits with our provinces scenery, from Cape Spear to Brigus to everywhere in between and farther out, be sure to check out Jana’s creative journey!


Emily Evans – @thesaltphilosophy

Co-director of local brand @theshopsalt, Emily has brought forth her own secondary project along side their brand. The Salt Philosophy started January 1st 2017 with the creation of Emilys first 100 day project, a series based around different aspects of photography. The Salt Philosophy is an idea which roots from the saying “salt of the earth”, meaning, someone who is truly genuine. It started as a way of encouraging creative energy into daily life. Emily chose to express this philosophical idea through photography to develop her skills. There’s not just one thing that sparks her inspiration but she enjoys photographing people the best and as long as the project is unique and fun, she’s all for it! Be sure to check out her latest 100 day project!


Jenn Rideout – @jennrideout

Jenn models her Instagram to reflect her life in a certain way. She brings in positivity through quotes, pictures of her puppy, nature and photos that reflect her good days, she has also started the 100 days of happiness challenge. Jenn has been battling mental illness for almost 10 years, and for awhile she couldn’t find the strength to keep fighting; she had given. Though, 7 months ago she regained her will to better her life and her mental health. Jenns Instagram is a daily reminder of her fight forward and everything that she loves and makes her happy, with her goal being to inspire others to continue their fight as well. Jenn has been an amazing support in my life as well and I’m extremely lucky to be able to call this kind and thoughtful girl my friend, everyone looking for a bit of positivity needs to check out her insta ❤


Anne Hicks – @annehicksmua

Anne Hicks is a local make up artist who recently moved to Vancouver to attend John Casablancas Institute, one of Canada’s top schools for artistry and other aspects of the beauty industry. What makes Annes make up Instagram unique from others is the series she creates for the looks she creates. The different series she does allows her to challenge herself by coming up with looks she never would have considered trying which helps to further her artistry. The theme of Anne’s posts follow a sequence of 3, allowing her followers to view different angles and lighting for each look she does. I had the pleasure of working with Anne at Sephora Avalon before her big move and have seen her talent first hand, her artistry account is one you need to follow!


Hayley Meadus – @hayleymeadus

Hayley is the definition of insta goals, style goals, fashion goals just GOALS! Posts that range from outfits, to food, to home décor, Hayleys insta is a virtual scrapbook of her life; it is a way of showing her favourite memories. Hayley’s theme changes with the seasons, to reflect the changes in her mood. Last fall focusing on earthy tones, like the changing of the leaves, and to winter she featured icy blues like the snow. Stepping into spring a little early Hayley intends to show a vintage inspired warm neutral theme with pastels and a hint of grain in each photo. Hayleys Instagram is girly and fun, which perfectly represents her as a person!


So there you have it! There are 9 of my favourite local Instagram accounts, I hope you give each of these wonderful humans a follow. Also, feel free to check out my own Instagram @_haylsrosee for updates about my blog as well as my own 100 days of happy challenge where I post daily about things that make me happy!

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