March Bullet Journal Flip Through

After putting up a few polls about what my beginning of March post should be, you guys favoured the idea of a March bullet journal flip through, so here it is!
Just a heads up my bullet journal is somewhat minimalistic and not very artsy. I’m still getting in the flow of  figuring which layouts I like and how I want my bullet journal to track my life, so this isn’t going to be any sort of tutorial on how to bullet journal, it’s just how I lay mine out and what I find works for me!

To bullet journal I use the Leuchtturm1917 journal, which I’m pretty is the journal of choice for most people. I like the dotted pages, it makes setting everything up so much easier as opposed to standard rule lined paper. The pages are also numbered and there is a table of contents page (which I don’t really use), a string bookmarker thing, and a convenient folder on the back for your notes and what not.
The paper is thick enough so that if you wanted to use fine point markers instead of pens to add colour to your bullet journal the ink wouldn’t bleed through but there would be a shadow cast on the back of each page. To journal I use fine tip felt pens, for the black outlining I use the Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint in .5. I do everything free hand and I find these pens have the best flow for line work.

Bullet Journal #1
(peep the stickers my pal Courtney made for me!)

I start off each month with a doodle page that has the month that the layout is for and whatever theme I want the month to follow — this month is green and four leaf clovers for St. Patricks Day. I am definitely not an artist or a calligraphist but I try my best, and honestly I could do better I wasn’t really in the mood when I started the page and then this was just it.

Bullet Journal #2
So as you can see I have a few four leaf clovers, a pot of gold that could also double as a bowl of cereal, and just some cursive writing that says ‘get lucky’.

My monthly spread is where I really pride myself. I only started doing this layout in February but I really like the calendar block spread, it’s easier to see what day lands where and I’m able to then plan things accordingly. I only ever write in set dates on my monthly spread, so birthdays and holidays mostly, anything where the date could potentially change I save for my weekly spreads.
On this page are also my 2 trackers. Since I started my 100 happy days challenge on Instagram and it’s on my 2018 bucket list to get 1000 followers, I track my posts per week and follower count, and for my blog I track posts per week and weekly blog views. My other tracker is my lifestyle tracker, I have each day of the month written out and then different things i want to accomplish or need to remember for each day. The things I track are if I took my medications and vitamins, if I blogged, if I had a good day, if I exercised, and if I had work or not, each thing I accomplish gets a tally mark. I find this tracker holds me accountable for the things I know I should be doing each day and helps motivate me to continue to do each one.

Bullet Journal #3.jpg

Next is just a super simple page I call my ‘brain dump’ page. Basically just a space where I can jot down notes or reminders that don’t really fit on any of the other pages.

Bullet Journal #4

Finally, I have my weekly spread pages. I do this in a block layout, Monday to Sunday with a notes space at the end for different reminders for the week. Each task has it’s own symbol, triangle is assignment due, inverted triangle is appointment, open circle is class, closed circle is work, exclamation point is important, and so on. I find these symbols useful as it helps keep the tasks organized on the pages.

Bullet Journal #5
(times of scheduled tasks were blacked out for privacy)

So there you have it! This is my March bullet journal spread! If you have any questions or tips and tricks, products to use or trackers to try please let me know!

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