A Short List of Local Businesses that are a MUST to Visit

There are countless amazing local businesses scattered around the Avalon peninsula of Newfoundland. Numerous located on Water Street and Duckworth Street, from Mount Pearl to the East End, Torbay Road to Topsail, there are so many home grown restaurants, bars, cafés, bakeries, salons, and boutiques. All ran by driven and hardworking Newfoundland entrepreneurs who work diligently to bring excellent client service to locals and tourists alike. These local business people deserve so much recognition for the relentless hard work to bring local businesses and brands to the streets of Newfoundland and in some cases beyond our province. So here is a list of a few local fave businesses that you should check out and a little bit about what makes them so great!

Sugar Mama’s Bakery

Owned and operated by Lainie Stewart-Rideout, she started her bakery out of her home in 2007 and opened her first shop 7 years ago in Mount Pearl, now with another location opened last summer in the East End of St. John’s. Sugar Mama’s specializes in delicious cupcakes, cakes and other yummy desserts with some gluten free, as well as vegan options all freshly baked in store and all their products are peanut and nut free!!! The store’s themselves are very pink and vintage like you’re in a 50’s diner, with a great atmosphere and the people working always have great suggestion on what to try next! A Sugar Mama’s trip is a MUST when me and my best friends get together for a girl’s night!

Insta: @sugar_mamas_bakery


Unicornio Studio

A boutique that sells own brand items as well as brands from all around the world, Tanya Wang’s Unicornio Studio is its own little place of magic found on Water Street Downtown St. John’s. From statement pieces to cute graphic sweaters to mystical ambient unicorn lights, this studio has everything under the sun. I am lucky to have worked with Tanya at Sephora Avalon before she left to pursue her passion and I can say that Unicornio Studio is the perfect representation of her, and she has worked so so hard to make it everything that it is. With an online shop along with her stand alone you have no excuse not to shop Unicornio Studio!

Online shop: https://studiounicornio.com/

Insta: @unicorniostudio

Winx Butterfly Lashes by Valerie Freake

Ask anyone who has gotten their lash extensions done by this AMAZING woman and they will have nothing but great things to say! Valerie started doing lashes in 2011 after a change in career and quickly she became a natural. She has developed a room in her house into her very own lash salon and along side that does waxing, and brow and lash tinting. Now I am kinda biased because this inspiring business woman is also my incredible momma, I see day in and day out the hard work she puts in to making her clients experience with her an amazing and personable experience. She talks to everyone as though they are her best friend and makes each appointment unique and fun. I would be confused as to why someone wouldn’t want to book an appointment with her!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WinxButterflyLashes

FiggyDuff Dory

This brand captures Newfoundland speech and slang by being fun and unique! Figgyduff Dory is an online shop ran by Janalynn Petten, an outgoing, fun and creative entrepreneur who started this brand by printing sayings and slang on second hand garments, also known as ‘upcycling’. From shirts printed with ‘avoiding you like potholes’ to toques with ‘froze ta det’ embroidered in, there’s something for everyone to look at and say “man that is so me!”. I have 3 shirts from this brand I wear them religiously they are beyond comfortable, and very fashionable. Along with Figgyduff Dory, Jana works with Jessika Petten at Best Kind Bake Shoppe where they make delicious treats that are very much a reflection of their own style. Both these women are drop dead gorgeous, they are every sort of goals that you could think of! You’d be silly not to check them out!

Online Shop: https://www.figgyduffdory.com/

Insta: @figgyduffdory


Dr. Anna Hellqvist, born in Sweden, started TVAL skincare with her partner Dr. Jason Bailey, from Trinity Bay NL, back in 2003. The business boomed from the get go with her shop on Duckworth Street, their products in high demand and their sales doubling and tripling each year. By 2005, Anna and Jason partnered with Jason’s brother Robert Bailey, a known make up artist and business manager, who left Toronto to be apart of the company. Now 15 years later Tval calls Water Street it’s home and has been thriving. With cosmetics and skincare as well as bath products you can find anything you’d ever need and more!

Online Shop: https://tvalskincare.com/

Insta: @tvalskincare

Ethereal Boutique

With 12 years in retail and customer service experience owner of Ethereal Boutique, Megan Warren, finally decided to pursue her passion for fashion; in 2017 she opened her stand alone shop on New Gower Street in downtown St. John’s. This boutique has major fashion blogger vibes, with simple elegant articles to major statement pieces, Ethereal Boutique has it all (even Figgyduff Dory exclusives)! Megan has opened a shop that reflects who she is and what her style is while having something in there for everyone who feels the needs to sparkle a little every day!

Online Shop: https://etherealboutique.ca/

Insta: @shop.ethereal.boutique

The Shop, Salt

An extension of the Salt Philosophy, The Shop Salt, owned Lauren Saunders and Emily Evans, is all about artistic expression. This brand is all about inspiration and being accepting and trusting your creativity and self. With the simple designs and cozy material, this brand is a staple in so many wardrobes, including my own. With an amazing philosophy and creative brand, what is not to love, I am definitely encouraging you shop Salt!

Online Shop: https://theshopsalt.com/

Insta: @theshopsalt & @thesaltphilosophy

So here is a very short list of just a few of the incredible local business and brands all in St. Johns and Mount Pearl, let me know some of your favourite shops, salons, cafes etc. and be sure to support local!

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