My 2018 Bucket List

So, I’m going to kick things off with a happy late new year to everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated but new year, new start, right? I’ve been lacking passion and inspiration lately but I’m getting back into the groove of things now. I’m going to try my best to keep myself on track with blog postings; overall, just things that help me stay focus and make me feel motivated and happy.
So to set my blog into the new year, I’m going to start off with my 2018 bucket list. Here is a collection of things I hope to do and accomplish in the upcoming year.

This year I want too:

• Get my first tattoo
• Adopt a doggo
• Learn how to drive a stick shift
• Go on a road trip
• Go on a whale watching tour
• Support more local businesses
• Get 1,000 Instagram followers (_haylsrosee follow me)
• Reach VIB Rouge (again)
• Learn sign language
• Ride a train
• Go to an amusement park
• Take a trip
• Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
• Go sea kayaking
• Spend as much time as I can with people who mean the most to me

There we have it, 15 things I hope to do and/or accomplish in 2018 and I will share my experiences as I do them.
Let me know what’s on your 2018 bucket list!


Credits: Photo taken by Peggy Hann, Indian Arm Pond 2018

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