Baby Bell

The thing about happiness is that anything can cause it. There is no shortage of things that can make you smile. It could be the eyes of a loved one or your favourite character of a book, a song that reminds you of a good memory or your favourite song; there are so many things that can evoke happiness, and one of the for me is my dog Bella.

We got Bella when I was in the seventh grade and she was the size of a tea cup. Her mother had died due to unfortunate circumstances and she was the runt of her litter — not expected to live for very long. Our tenants downstairs had taken Bella from her breeders and came up with her to tell us that they had a little puppy downstairs with them that they were trying to get adopted.

Now picture this, they were on our doorstep with this little black fluff in their hands, about the size of a small Webkinz panda toy, no more than 4 weeks old – all she needed was a chance and someone to love her and we held that little pup in our hands, we knew we were the family that would be able to give her everything she needed to thrive.

Having a 4-week old puppy was not the easiest thing and involved lots of round the clock bottle feedings, tons of attention and a little extra patience with love and care. The weeks turned into months and Bella grew by the day, she was now able to keep up with her older sister Banjo, who didn’t always want her company, but Bella loved being around her. She was rambunctious and quick to run and while she wasn’t the brightest dog out there, her clumsiness and goofy attitude made loving her so so easy

She was friendly, excitable, absolutely terrified of water and the most affectionate little pup that anyone could ask for – and she still is.

Bella very quickly became my little companion, becoming my shadow, we have the best cuddles, she gets SO excited on walks she gallops trying to get me to pick up the pace, we could play soccer in the backyard for hours and she constantly helps me through the struggles and rough patches I face through life.

At times I didn’t want to leave the house or get out of bed, thinking about how happy she would be to go out on a walk got me up. Hearing her from my bed barking upstairs would remind me that I had someone who needed me to get up and take care of them. Her well being depended on someone being awake and alert, and while there are other members of my family who are able to walk her and feed her, I wanted to maintain the special bond we already had. Bella’s happiness relied on me, and although she never realizes, a big part of mine relies on her; nothing makes me feel better more than her looking for my attention or jumping up on the couch and cuddling me.

My girl is now seven years old and to anyone that knows her they can vouch she is one of the sweetest, goofiest and most affectionate dogs there is, and she never fails to make me smile when I talk about her. I can’t wait to spend the years to come with her by my side, taking Instagram pictures of her and helping her feel as loved and wanted as she makes me feel.

We take care of our pets but sometimes in turn, they take care of us. My gorgeous girl is the greatest friend and companion, little shadow and little fart I could ever ask for, and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

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