The Happy List

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but when I’m having a bad day I’ll go to my journal and I’ll write, and sometimes I won’t really know exactly what to write — so I’ll end up putting together what I like to call “The Happy List”. The Happy List is a list of reasons or things that usually make me smile, it’s supposed to be light and fun and just remind me there are lots good things in the world. I need a little reminding tonight, so, in no particular order, here is my happy list:

  • Musicals
  • Good cups of tea
  • Cactus’
  • Big sweaters
  • My amazing and supportive friends
  • My amazing and supportive family
  • Indie, Clooney and Johnny Cash (my cats)
  • Bella (My dog)
  • Sophie (one of my best pals dogs)
  • Awesome rock ballads
  • The rings my nanny and grandma gave me
  • Harry Styles new album
  • Neat and organized notes
  • Pictures from my trip to Universal Studios and Disney World
  • When my mom plays with my hair
  • Cute comments on Instagram pictures
  • Hikes
  • When my make up turns out how I wanted
  • Harry Potter movie nights
  • Floral patterns
  • Singing along, in key, to an Adele song
  • Parking Straight!!!
  • Doing a bomb skincare routine
  • Playing guitar with my dad
  • Good books
  • Finding a wine I actually like
  • Luke Hemmings
  • The colour pink
  • Good snacks
  • Going on fun adventures
  • Late night drives
  • Listening to throwback jams
  • Good poetry books
  • Catching my brother doing funny things on snapchat
  • The stars and the moon
  • Cute texts from my friends
  • Funny pet videos
  • Concerts
  • Summer plans
  • My bed
  • FRIENDS (tv show)
  • Using a big word in a conversation and in proper context
  • Posting on my blog ❤


What’s on your Happy List?


See you soon xx

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