To My Momma..

We all come into this world arms flailing and legs kicking, gasping for breath and unsure what this place will hold for us; and after we’re swaddled and have our first ever check up we’re given to the one person that could possibly comfort us in the new first minutes of life. Even after those for first few days, months and years, when we should probably know what’s up and we very clearly don’t, they help guide us through, taking us with them one step at a time. This person is a lesser known hero, they have dealt with temper tantrums and hissy fits alike, they have made boo boo’s go away and have mended broken hearts with their bare hands. These individuals’ have a knack for problem solving and, on their own, have saved us from ‘the end of the world’ on multiple occasions. They come in all shapes and sizes, and not one is alike, they all go by different names- but most commonly, they are referred to as ‘mom’.

Now, I’m pretty lucky because in my professional daughter opinion, I hit the jackpot. My mom is the most kind-hearted, beautiful souled and gorgeous person in the entire world; she would do anything for anyone without blinking an eye— no matter the request. There is no problem too big, or too small, that my mom couldn’t fix, or at least wouldn’t try to resolve. My mom is by true definition, supermom. My dad works away so he’s only home one week out of every month, and while he’s away mom takes care of me, my brother, my dog Bella, our 3 cats, she runs her own business, she does the cleaning (with help of course), until 2 months ago she used to drive me and my brother EVERYWHERE, and she has to take care of my dad, who is the biggest child out of me and my brother. But she does all this with ease and takes every problem she faces in stride and with her head held high, which does not go unrecognized.


I’m constantly in awe of my mom, and all my friends who meet her absolutely love her, honestly it’s hard not to. Mom will try to be everybody’s friend, and she will make anyone who comes into our house feel at home. She is the best hostess, even if it’s just dad’s buddies in the shed she’ll always make dips and snacks for them to munch on. When me and Carter have parties she makes sure the house is absolutely spotless and that we’re well stocked in snacks, sometimes she’ll even do up little beauty loot bags which are always a massive hit. She can put a smile on anyone’s face and make the worst day feel not so bad.

Setting all motherly duties aside, my most favourite thing about my mom is how fun she is. How she can turn cleaning the house into a dance party and how she sets up Easter egg hunts for me and my brother even though we’re I’m almost 20 and my brother is 16. That she is commonly known in our family as ‘Ricky’ because of the amount of times she’s messed up sayings but laughs it off with ease every time we pick on her about it. How she’s 40 years old (sorry mom) butwhen she’s with her friends it’s like they’re all 20 and I can laugh and have a drink or two with them without it being weird, because my mom has made it like they’re my second group of friends and while her having fun is important, she has always made sure me and my brother are comfortable with who her and dad have around. She doesn’t keep us secluded from her friends which I actually have always loved, because I have this big group of second mom/ friends/ honorary aunties who I can look up to and they make me feel like one of the girls.


She is my best friend, and considering the curveballs life has been throwing at me, I am beyond lucky to have her. She keeps my secrets, she is my shoulder to cry and lean on, she is my kitchen party dance partner, we sing the best version of Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’ in the car, and while she’s super good at the friend stuff, when it comes down to just being ‘mom’ she’s the best at that as well. She makes sure myself and Carter have absolutely everything we could need, she gives the best advice, she can suture a wound with her eyes closed (mostly because she doesn’t like the blood) and when it comes down to it, when I feel like I’m all alone, she’s there. Now dad’s pretty great too but he can’t the difference between when I need a Nicholas Sparks movie night and when I need to lay my head in their lap and have them play with my hair while I cry and rant about every silly little thing… but mom does.

So momma, I hope you know how much we love and appreciate you, even though sometimes we may forget to tell you. I hope you know how much I admire you and aspire to be half as good a mom to my kids as you have been and will continue to be for both me and Carter. You have shown us both what true love is, because that’s what we are given by you each and everyday. You help show me the worth of my heart and have helped me truly believe I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I love you to the moon and back and I hope you have the best Mother’s day.

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