A Piece of Yourself

You find yourself in empty cups of tea and back covers of novels.
You see who you are in heavy snowfalls and trips to the beach— watching the high tide roll into the shore.
You hear your voice in favourite songs— not always in your own but in the ones of those you love as well.
You remember yourself in childhood getaways, creaky swing sets and tree forts too high for mom and dad to climb; discovering the meaning of the word ‘privacy’ and using it way too much.
You know who you are, you know yourself better than anyone ever could—you pick up pieces of yourself as you go through life.
From those close to you, you share values, opinions, and memories.
From places you’ve seen you pick up inspiration in the way of sunsets, memories in the form of smooth beach rocks and a multitude of experiences only you could describe.
You know who you are; you’ve recognized yourself in every place you’ve ever been.
While so many people have done the same things you may have, only you could have seen it through your eyes, felt it in your heart; it’s what makes the remembrance of it all unique, you’ve lived it.
And you know what?
Even if you’ve been moving through life smoothly, right now you may feel a little lost— but that’s okay.
You’ll know where to find yourself again.
Maybe you’re in that record store downtown, or the high school where you won your first championship game.
The emotions you feel reentering these places only goes to show the pieces of your heart you have left behind.
You may see yourself in the heart of another, but it is not their job to help find the pieces of you— and they themselves, they are not one of yours, no matter how much you’d like to believe they are.
You are stronger than the winds with a mind as wide and vast as the sea; you are endless and timeless.
So do not think so little of yourself, because those pieces of you, they could cover the entirety of the world; but only you are willing to find them.
If you let yourself believe you can fly that far.


See you soon.

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